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工研院 5/8 全球人才線上招募會,報名起跑!(ITRI Global Talent Online Recruitment Fair - Net Zero Technology Developments)




Experts in the field will introduce ITRI's latest Net Zero technology developments.

If you are interested in a career in innovative technology R&D and would like to learn more about our job and internship openings, please join us!


活動資訊 Event Info:*Taiwan time(UTC+8)*

🎯 5 / 8 (三)  10:00-11:40*

🍇 會議連結將於 5 / 寄送

ITRI Recruiting Team will send the meeting links on May 6.

🎤 招募會以中文演說,活動後提供中英雙語影片

This session will be in Chinese.

After the event, we will make available a video with English subtitles


If you can't join the online event, but are interested in the event video with English subtitles,

please complete the registration form and we will send the video after the event.


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