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The National Sun Yat-Sen University is located in the southern industrial center of Taiwan. Since mechanical engineering is called “mother of industry”, in order to nurture technicians and help upgrade industry, the Department of Mechanical Engineering was founded in 1982, at the initial stage of the National Sun Yat-Sen University.
In the Department of Mechanical Engineering, approximately 200 full-time graduate students and 30 faculty members with Ph.D. degrees are involved in research activities. These activities have a variety of combinations of experimental and theoretical natures, and often make extensive use of computers and networks. Activity areas include both projects in conventional mechanical engineering disciplines such as fluid dynamics, heat transfer and thermodynamics, solid mechanics, control, and dynamics, and projects of a more applied nature, such as combustion, advanced applications of composite materials, design, manufacturing, automation and robotics. Such research has been recognized through publications in national and international journals. Further recognition is evidenced by financial supports from various industrial and government agencies.
The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the field of mechanical engineering. These programs are designed to educate the students in the latest methods of engineering practice and to provide them with the fundamental discipline for continued growth throughout their professional careers.
Research Areas
The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers five fields for students: Thermalfluids, Solid Mechanics, Control, Design and Manufacturing, and Micro-nano System.
The research aspects are Heat Micro-transfer Mechanics Analysis, Manufacturing of Micro-circulation Elements, Economy of Power Resources, Source Engineering, Micro Power Electronics, Microscopy Sealing Technique, Optoelectronic Integration Practice, Micro-nano Examination, Super-precision Processing Technique. The future emphases will be Micro-machine System, Micro-nano Fixing and Examination, and Super-Precision Processing Techniques.

The department is approved to change the title into "Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering" by the Ministry of Education on August 1, 2001. The research areas and undergraduate and graduate courses of the department are adjusted. A new group, Nano System, is set on October, 2003. The experts and specialists of mechatronics, electronic packaging, computer languages, interface, network, microprocessor, precision measurement and manufacturing are recruited to be our faculty members.