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Course & Curriculum


Required subject course: http://selcrs.nsysu.edu.tw/stu_query/crs_mst_qry/crs_mst_query_frame.asp

National Sun Yat-sen University, Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Undergraduate Curriculum:



*Should meet at least one of the following "International or Interdisciplinary Studies" graduation requirements.

1.International Study:At least one semester of exchange (or training abroad) or completion of at least 2 credits of foreign study program (or foreign study program at least 36 hours of study) approved by MEME department.

2.Interdisciplinary Study:A minor, double major, or education program from the University or another Universities, or a microprogram offered by the University(The program or faculty must be an inter-institutional collaboration), Integrated or Interdepartmental professional programs.



Gradute Program:

Master degree: seminar of two semesters (1 credit/semester)

Ph.d. degree: seminar of two semesters (1 credit/semester)

More information: http://selcrs.nsysu.edu.tw/stu_query/crs_mst_qry/crs_mst_query_frame.asp