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【Summer Internship】2023 Taiwan Micron Summer Intern - (Taoyuan/Taichung)


Summer Internship2023 Taiwan Micron Summer Intern - (Taoyuan/Taichung)


First step to workplace, start from an internship, first step to semiconductor, start from Micron!

We are looking for brilliant, self-challenged students and willing to experience the technology of semiconductor industry!

You will have an opportunity to join different projects in department, gaining practical experience in the semiconductor industry, and well prepared to be a professional engineer.

Strat from today to 28th April, 2024, complete the application process and who are qualify to join our internship, would be able to have an opportunity to join our lucky draw to get a Facial Cleansing Machine or a Gaming Keyboard,

It will be drawn online on 5/2 (Tuesday), lucky winners will be notified by email (FOREO Facial Cleansing Machine or ASUS Gaming Keyboard)


Why you need to join us?

  1. Projects and Mentorship: Each intern would undergo a professional internship for 2 months, department will assign mentor as your exclusive tutor, not only mentoring and assisting in professional issues, but also providing advice for your career development.
  2. To coherent interns' team spirits and sense of belonging through newcomer training program. Micron not only care about your growth of professional, we do care more about your living in Micron.
  3. Meet talented peers and colleagues from all colleges in Taiwan, top engineers from different countries in Micron.
  4. Pre-offer: Extending Pre-offer to intern(s) with great performance, to ensure an opportunity to start your career in advance.


Interesting internship experience

  1. Team Building: Communication among all interns
  2. Function Sharing: In addition to your own departments, can also understand the responsibilities of others
  3. Site tour: Visit to the major semiconductor factories, Micron.
  4. Cultural exchange: Interact with interns from Japan, China, and Singapore to experience the real workplace in a global company
  5. Senior leader symposium: Interact with senior executives to know the development trend of the industry and Micron.


Internship information


  • Taichung, Houli Science Park
  • Taoyuan, Hwa Ya Technology Park

Internship period:2023/7/3(Mon.)-2023/8/31(Thu.)

Salary:NTD $44,000 monthly (Engineering)

Hiring Position:Please explore the Micron Taiwan Career website for further information

Target students:

  • Post graduate student from 1st year to 2nd year
  • Year 4 college student to post graduate

Application Form:

  1. https://micron.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/External/job/Taichung---Fab-16-Taiwan/XMLNAME-2023-Intern---Semiconductor-Engineer----_JR37627
  2. https://micron.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_bx9SShry2ILCKnI

(If you want to apply an internship program, please be sure to fill out this application form and apply on Micron official website)


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