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Graduate Students

以下所有表單法規僅供參考,如有最新表單法規請以教務處為主。The following form and regulation are just for your reference. Please check academic office website to check the latest information.

教務處表單連結Academic Office forms 教務處法規Academic Office Rules

1. 碩博士班入學核心課程相關規定 Regulations for Core Courses of Postgraduate Students in Master’s and Doctoral Programs


二、學位考試申請事項 Postgraduate Defense Application Information


三、五學年學、碩士學位辦法 Guidelines for the Five-Year Bachelor's and Master's Degree System

四、機電系碩士申請逕修讀博士學位審查辦法Guideline for Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering Master Student apply for Direct Admission of Ph.D program



六、博士班提審相關規定 Regulation of Ph.D Postgraduate Defense

  1. 提審口試相關說明 Guide of Postgraduate Defense
  2. 提審申請書及委員推薦表file2
  3. 研究成果審查一97年以後入學file3
  4. 研究成果審查二97年以後入學file4
  5. 提審結果通知書file5
  6. 博士候選人資格考核通知書file6
  7. 英語測驗證明file7